Welcome to Grupo Vidy

Grupo Vidy, more than 50 years dedicated to the engineering laboratories, develops innovative projects through its technical team composed of engineers and architects specializing in various types of civil engineering such as architecture, plumbing, Electrical, Structural Calculation, etc.

Laboratories are increasingly focused on workplace comfort and safety professionals working in it. Grupo Vidy is able to meet the needs of each client by providing architectural design and civil engineering, and manufacturing their own products, such as benches for laboratories, cleanrooms, laminar flow, special cabinets for acids, bases and flammable equipment for vivarium, hoods, showers and emergency eyewash and others.

Certified since 2007, is the only company Vidy Engineering Laboratories of Brazil with ISO 9001, involving: "Design, Construction, Manufacturing, Installation & Supply of Laboratory Equipment and Accessories for Laboratories".