LIMS - Laboratory Information Management System

Project Management Systems Laboratory
- Analysis of the technological environment of the laboratory (equipment, hardware, software, networking, etc.);
- Analysis of the laboratory's internal processes (methods, standards, calculations, protocols, quality, etc.);
- Analysis of the integration of laboratory systems with the company's enterprise system (ERP - SAP, Oracle eBusiness, Dynamics);
- Study data migration;
- Selection of LIMS software best suited to the laboratory.

Deployment of LIMS (Thermo)
- Project management;
- Preparation of the technological environment;
- Integration of chromatographs (Atlas);
- LIMS systems installation and testing;
- Setting up interfaces with the instruments;
- Configuration accordance with the procedures of the laboratory;
- Interface with the corporate system of the company (ERP);
- Migration of data and reports;
- Training of end users and administrators.

Outsourcing of computers, servers, networking equipment
- Elimination of maintenance costs;
- Online and onsite technical support;
- Constantly updated equipment;
- Standardization of all machines with top notch vendors (Dell, Lenovo, HP).

Print Outsourcing: Outsourcing of printing infrastructure
- Process automation;
- Data entry equipment (readers, bar code, etc.);
- Safety equipment and authorization.