About Us

Vidy Project
Laboratory and consulting projects, including Architecture, Engineering, Electrical, Tools, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Depletion and Cleanrooms.

Vidy Construction
Construction of Laboratories and Clean Rooms, including the execution of projects of architecture and engineering.

Industrial Vidy
Ergonomic benches, Chapels, Partitions for Cleanrooms, Hoods, Vivarium equipment, valves, stirrers, tweezers, Grating, Accessories.

Vidy Safety
Cabinets for acids and flammable cabinets PPE and First Aid, Refrigerators and Freezers. Measurements and Reports for chapels, exhaust systems and anti-fire system.

Vidy Ti
Software Solutions specifically designed for laboratories, Project Management Systems Laboratory, in order to suit your laboratory to ISO / IEC 17025, CFR part11 FDA21 GLP, ISO GUM and others.