The Consortium VidyWal accumulated vast experience in setting up laboratories, serving 50 years in engineering, design, management, planning, construction, installation and start-up in several laboratories in Brazil and abroad / in particular the mining sector.

Processes, Engineering and Projects

• Consulting in architecture and engineering;
• cutting-edge technology solutions for clean rooms and laboratories of biosafety;
• Providing full detailed design of the facility allowing a transaction
an efficient and resource optimization.


• Specification and supply of all equipment, systems, facilities, furniture, glassware, reagents and laboratory components of other materials;
• Team accredited by the Consortium to monitor and inspect the design, manufacture, supply and transportation of equipment and materials / in order to enforce project standards and their specifications in order to obtained the quality standards expected.


• Detailed schedule;
• Study of technical / financial.

Construction and Assembly

• In global supply mode (Turn-Key) or administration;
• Professionals working to ensure optimum performance and productivity of construction;
• Team experienced technical and multifunctional
• Analysis of drawings of sub-suppliers to the proper understanding of manufacturing and assembly services.


• Professionals are properly trained / directed with standards / making it suitable for certain tasks or activities.

Start-Up and Commissioning

• Qualified professionals in technology, putting all equipment and accessories to work with full support for technical assistance;
• Drawings, catalogs and operation and maintenance manuals in Portuguese, except for the provision of equipment and materials of foreign origin